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The TopSpeed staff includes trainers experienced in running Certified SPARQ Testing Events. Coach Potts has personally coordinated events at the 2006 and 2007 Kansas Baseball Fall Showcase Invitational and the Lawrence Free State Nike Team SPARQ Challenge. Athletes who test well at these events go on to earn invitations to other prestigious testing events and camps around the country as well as earning increased exposure amongst college scouts. These include the invitation-only NIKE sports camps. For a further explaination of SPARQ ratings read on or check out

The SPARQ Rating is the first-ever system designed to measure sport-specific athleticism. Created to capture the key aspects of athleticism, these tests are combined and weighted in a unique proprietary formula.

While the conventional wisdom is that athletes are born 'fast' or 'slow,' science has proven conclusively that a training program focused on retraining muscle fibers and neurons to react more quickly and accurately can greatly increase an athlete's speed, agility, and explosiveness.

The key value of the SPARQ Rating is that it provides athletes with an invaluable tool for staying motivated, measuring results, focusing training, and maximizing their success on the playing field.

The pictures below were taken during the SPARQ events coordinated by Coach Potts and TopSpeed Strength & Conditioning.

Athletes at the 2007 Kansas Fall Baseball Showcase undergo a dynamic warmup before beginning SPARQ testing.

Athletes look on and encourage each other as they test their core strength with the Rotational Powerball Toss.

Athletes test their speed on the SPARQ Digital Timing System.

An athlete leaps out of camera view as one of the TopSpeed trainers looks on during the vertical jump test.

An athlete at the 2006 Kansas Baseball Showcase Invitational shows off his quickness and change-of-direction ability in the 20 yard shuttle test.