The only place where 'success' comes before 'work' is in the dictionary - Vince Lombardi

TopSpeed Strength & Conditioning helps athletes reach their performance goals by assessing each individuals specific strengths & weaknesses before customizing a training program to increase their athletic performance. These programs include a focus on correcting strength imbalances, training the fast-twitch muscles through the use of plyometrics and strengthening the body throughout a given range of motion. 

Check out how our athletes have performed and what some of them have achieved by clicking our Hall of Fame link. 

These pictures are a combination of drills performed at both our indoor and outdoor training sessions.

NFL veteran Reshard Langford (Philadelphia Eagles/Kansas City Chiefs/Detroit Lions) performing a 56-inch Standing Box Jump.

2-time World Series winning pitcher Brad Penny performs Bulgarian Split-Squats as he trains for another season of Major League Baseball in his 13-year career.

Highland Community College WR Ryan McNellis and Blue Valley football player Alex Turner sprint up "TopSpeed Hill".

MidAmerica Nazarene University All-American Tight End Juan Redmon easily clears a 42-inch box jump with a weighted vest.

Fort Scott Community College outside linebacker Luke Elam performs resisted hip flexion exercise.

Bishop Miege High School volleyball player Aubrey Rumore performs box squats to improve her lower-body strength.

University of Kansas DB Ryan Murphy performs stair sprints while wearing a weighted vest.

    Ryan shows solid acceleration technique as he performs a 7-yard band-burst drill.

     Clark Boatwright puts force into the ground in a fight against the bands resistance.

Christian Ballard, who would go on to be the 3rd overall pick by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2011 NFL Draft, races others during a sprint drill.

  The entire group performs sprints from a push-up start.