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TopSpeed Speed-Training Kit: Thanks to a partnership with RubberBanditz the TopSpeed training methods are now available to athletes throughout the world. The kit includes multiple training bands and a full-color poster featuring former Kansas City Chiefs safety Reshard Langford demoing exercises that can help you to develop your own blazing speed. Order yours by clicking the link below.

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Training Manuals

  • 8 Weeks to Extreme Size & Strength - $20.99 delivered via email
This manual offers an 8 week program geared towards increasing strength and building muscle, great for athletes who are looking to get bigger and stronger. The manual features include a day by day workout log as well as a section on advanced recovery methods and how to use them. Also included is a section on using nutrition to reach goals and maximize sports performance. This advice has been gathered from nutrition specialists who currently work with athletes from NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA teams.

Testimonial - "My strength definitely increased a lot over the 8 weeks. My bench went from 155 to 185 and my squat improved from 215 to 260. My coach moved me up to varsity this season. I've also added 7 pounds since I started."- Anthony Saladino, Rockhurst High School, Kansas City, MO

  • Advanced Speed & Strength Training: - $45.99 delivered via email

This 57 page manual offers 12 weeks worth of weight-training & speed/agility training designed to improve strength, explosiveness, speed, quickness, and reaction ability in athletes. The manual features advanced speed training exercises along with plyometric drills that have proven effective in the field of performance enhancement by improving an athletes fast-twitch muscle action. These are the same speed training methods Coach Potts used to develop Minnesota Vikings NFL Draft pick Christian Ballard. The manual also includes sections on sports nutrition and recovery methods. The drills in this manual are used by athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB and every other major sport.

Testimonial #1 - "I received the Advanced Speed and Strength training manual and am absolutely blown away, it was not what I expected. I was not expecting a 57 page manual, its awesome! My favorite exercises utilize the resistance bands and weighted vest because I can really feel it increase my explosiveness and speed. After working out for three weeks with your program my 60 yd dash improved from a 7.13 to a 6.93. I was pretty stoked because I have never been sub-7."                                                    - Zach Pecyna, Cabrillo High School; Lompoc, CA

Testimonial #2 - "This program worked muscles that I had never trained before when I used the Bigger,Faster, Stronger program. With the Advanced Strength & Speed Manual I added 100 pounds to my squat max, 30 to my bench and my deadlift increased 50 pounds. If you include the power clean and all my core lifts I probably added 600 pounds. My vertical has gone up about 3 inches and I'm a lot faster than before. During my fall soccer league I was whipping up on the guys"
Hanna Hagen, Burlington Community Highschool; Burlington, IA

  • TopSpeed Velocity Manual: - $65.99 delivered via mail
This manual offers 12 weeks worth of workouts designed specifically to improve strength and explosiveness in throwing-athletes. The training methods in this manual are the ones used to develop high-velocity arms like Riley Pint, Blake Lillis, Alex Lange, Ryan Cyr, Tommy Barnhouse and others. The feedback from athletes who've been using this manual has been very promising.

Testimonial #1 - "I know this is a velocity manual but the training program has helped in all aspect. My 16 year old son is only partway through the manual but has already improved his fastball velocity from 77 to 79mph. His 60 yard dash has improved from 7.3 to 6.80 (timed at a showcase event), his pro-agility drill went from a 4.69 to a 4.45, and his vertical jump (tested with a vertec) has gone from 26" to 30.5 inches. Thank you for all your help to this point."
- S.F., father of baseball athlete; Wichita, KS

Speed Training Bands

RubberBanditz: These are the official bands used in the TopSpeed facility and, as such, we highly recommend their 'Agility' and 'Speed' versions to perform the speed-training exercises listed in the Advanced Speed & Strength Manual. You can find their online store by clicking here; 

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